About Tianbao Group

Corporate Information

Established in 1998, Tianbao Group, i.e. China Tianbao Group Development Company Limited (stock code: 01427.HK), is a property developer and construction company located in Jingnan Satellite City of Zhuozhou, less than 50 kilometers away from Xiongan New Area. The Group's business covers a wide range of areas including planning and design, construction, property sales, investment and operations.

Tianbao Group has obtained the Premium Grade Certificate for Enterprises of General Construction Contracting Work (建築工程施工總承包企業特級資質), and more than ten first grade certificates for renovation and decoration construction, steel structure construction and ancient construction. Tianbao Group is the first in Zhuozhou to obtain the First Grade Qualification Certificate for property developers and adopts ‘‘construction first and property development to follow’’ as the expansion strategy and a two-wheel drive model of construction and property development for rolling development. Regional focus is targeted on Beijing’s main satellite cities (Zhuozhou and Zhangjiakou) as the core, and construction contracting business is expanded in other cities in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, gradually extending to Sichuan, Anhui and other provinces and cities. We have won various national honors such as The Lu Ban Award (魯班獎) of the Construction Industry and National High-Quality Project Award (國家優質工程獎), building our brand competitiveness.

Tianbao Group is well-positioned to benefit from the national strategies of the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region and the development of the Xiongan New Area. At the same time, with the historical opportunity from the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, it will bring greater development opportunities to Tianbao Group to further enhance its market position in the property developing and construction contracting industries.