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Tianbao Real Estate Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001, the development and construction of Tianbao Lijing, Tianbao Lingyun City, Tianbao Green City, Tianbao Xinyue Bay, Tianbao Blue and White Mansion, Tianbao New City and other residential areas, with Baoxin International Building, Tianbao Square and other commercial projects. The company now has a diversified portfolio that consists of 21 projects. (Data as of December 31, 2021)

  • Residential Properties
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Residential Properties


Tianbao Smart Building Technology Park Project

  • Tianbao Smart Building Technology Park is located in Zhuozhou Hi-tech and New Technology Development Zone. It sits at the Zhuozhou High-speed Railway Station and is closed to the Zhuozhou City Terminal of Beijing Daxing International Airport, with about 17 kilometers distance apart. The construction area of the project is 310,092.69 square meters, with 4,101 apartment products, which started in August 2020.

    Tianbao Smart Building Technology Park is a high-end complex integrating business office, with the features of corporate headquarters office, commerce, micro-movie bar, catering and conference. In the future, it will fully rely on the national strategy of Coordinated Development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, and build a new model of cooperation between governments and enterprises regarding the development model of urban terminals.

Tianbao Hushan Yard

  • Tianbao Hushan Yard is located in The Yanshan Cultural New Town of Huailai County and adjacent to Guanting Lake, sharing the unique landscape resources. At the same time, it sits at Beijing-Lhasa Expressway and Beijing-Urumqi Expressway, and is closed to G110 and Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway, making it a half-hour living circle to the capital. The project has a total of 3,056 residential buildings in 31 Green Two-star Standard buildings, and 7 supporting facilities, which started in April 2020.

    Tianbao Hushan Yard focuses on creating an ecological, energy-saving, healthy and modern livable community, in a decent architectural modeling, comfortable and generous space, with simple and bright colors, which does not simply integrate with the cultural atmosphere of the civil town but also meets the living habits and psychological and visual aesthetic needs of modern people.

Tianbao Edelweiss City

  • Tianbao Edelweiss City (Residential) is located in The Economic Development Zone of Yu County. The project is closed to the new bus passenger station of Yu County, the entrance of Beijing-Yuxian Expressway and Zhangjiakou-Shijiazhuang Expressway, surrounded by four major urban roads. It is about 1.5 kilometers away from The No.1 Middle School of Yu County, the People's Hospital of Yu County and YuZhou Museum.

    Tianbao Edelweiss City (Residential) aims at "the best quality, the highest style, rich space and wonderful experience" to create a diversified, three-dimensional urban block consists of deep integration and coordinated development of social activities.

Tianbao Boyue Bay

  • Tianbao Boyue Bay Community as the government planning area is located in the southwest of Yu county, Zhangjiakou city, and sits in the necessary path of the ancient city and tourist resort area. There are convenient transports, ideal supporting facilities, which allows the community to enjoy history and humanities culture, share the quiet and simplicity style of life. This forms a parallel mode of both flourishing and nature-simplicity lifestyle balance.

    The project design achieves the living model of the old town by quality, and strives to build the modern ecological residential area of the old town. The garden planning and design of the community advocate 5S garden, so that green and healthy are implemented into the life of every homeowner. House type is mainly with building area of approximately 80-125 square meters in fully transparent house feature.

Tianbao Green City

  • Tianbao Green City is located in Jingnan Economic Development Zone of Zhuozhou City. It is 1km away from Zhuozhou East High-speed Railway Station in the south and 1km away from Beijing-Hong Kong&Macao Expressway in the west. The total construction area is 81,928.76 square meters. Zhuozhou Jingnan Economic Development Zone is Zhuozhou gateway new district and high-end industry development and innovation leading zone, collaborative innovation demonstration zone, smart industry cluster zone and scientific and technological achievements transformation base. The project design aligns with the overall planning of Zhuozhou City, striving to create a scientific and reasonable layout, complete functional structure, green, ecological, environmental protection, energy saving modern living area.

Tianbao Lingyun City

  • Tianbao Lingyun City is located in Songlindian Town, Zhuozhou City, which is a town consists of national development and reform, "Provincial Industrial Gathering Area" and "Hebei Province New Industrial Industry Demonstration Base". The total construction area of the community is 71263.78 square meters with two kinds of residential products, both small high-rise and high-rise, to meet the needs of increasing crowds. The building height of different levels does not only conducive to receiving sunshine, but also constitute a beautiful skyline at the end of the community line of sight, which is unique and capable to deliver high quality living standards to community residents.

Tianma Jingyuan

  • Tianma Jingyuan (天馬景苑) is a completed residential project. This project is located in Zhuozhou, Hebei Province. The project comprises high-rise apartments, car parks and other public service facilities. We obtained the certificate of completion for this project in July 2015.

Laojixiao Teachers Apartment

  • Laojixiao Teachers Apartment (勞技校教師公寓) is a completed residential project. The project is located in Zhuozhou, Hebei Province. We obtained the certificate of completion for this project in February 2015. At present, all saleable GFA had been sold.

Tianhe Penghua

  • Tianhe Penghua (田合鵬華) is a completed residential project. The project is located in Zhuozhou, Heibei Province. The project comprises multi-story apartments and commercial properties. We obtained the certificate of completion for this project in November 2017.

Tianbao New City

  • Tianbao New City (天保新城) is a residential and commercial project located in Zhangbei area of Zhangjiakou, consisting of three phases. At present, three phases have been completed and delivered to purchasers.

Commercial Property Investment and Operations

Zhangbei Zhongdu Ginza

  • Zhongdu Ginza is located in the core area of Zhangbei County, adjacent to Zhangjiakou-Shijiazhuang Expressway, closed to Ulanhot-Haian Road and Zhanghua, Zhanggu and other five provincial trunk lines. It consists of two high-rise apartments, office buildings and commercial podiums. The underground floor is a department store, the first to the fourth floors are shopping centers, the fifth floor consists of a large commercial complex integrating apartments, hotels and offices. With a total construction area of 86,690.48 square meters and 638 apartment products, construction began in August 2017. Zhongdu Ginza is a comprehensive high-end commercial building integrating shopping mall, cinema, catering, conference, office, hotel, leisure business and other functions. It is committed to creat the "most comprehensive and high-end" business cluster in Zhangbei County and to construct a high-quality city business branded integrating office, catering and entertainment.

Tianbao Jingbei Health City (Commercial)

  • Tianbao Jingbei Health City (Commercial) is located in Yanshan Cultural New Town, Huailai County, adjacent to Guanting Lake with unique landscape resources. At the same time, it sits at Beijing-Lhasa Expressway and Beijing-Urumqi Expressway, and is closed to G110 and Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway, making it a half-hour living circle to the capital. The project is divided into two parts, hospital and apartment. The hospital has 13 floors above ground and two floors underground, and is equipped with auxiliary facilities such as liquid oxygen station and hyperbaric oxygen chamber. The total construction area is 57,129.94 square meters. For apartments, there are 5 single buildings with commercial podiums, with a total construction area of 83733.79 square meters, 724 apartment products and 19 commercial products. The project has begun construction process since March 2019, and the apartment products have reached the presale conditions in March 2020.

Baoxin International Building

  • Baoxin International Building is located in Jingnan Economic Development Zone of Zhuozhou City, closed to Beijing-Hong Kong&Macao Expressway and Zhuozhoudong Railway Station, with a total construction area of 79,000 square meters. The building is divided into two parts, main building and podium building, with 24 floors above ground and one underground. Equipped with catering rooms, gyms, meeting rooms, performance hall and other office facilities, it is a comprehensive business building integrating office, with hotel, leisure and business functions. It has won many honorary awards such as China Construction Engineering Project Luban Prize (National Prime-quality Project), Guangsha Prize, Yanzhao Guangsha Cup, etc. Comfortable and decent office conditions of the building, everywhere shows the design of the originality and humanistic care. Automatic configuration and high quality property service provide convenient conditions and superior environment for the enterprises.


Tianbao Nasutu Hotel

  • Tianbao Nasutu Hotel is located in Zhangbei County, Zhangjiakou city, with 5 minutes' drive from the north toll station of Zhangbei county. The hotel is an international class resort hotel jointly created by French designers and domestic famous decoration companies, with New Chinese style and European Palace style as the main tone and carefully carved with luxurious decorative materials.