Our Business

Business Overview

Tianbao Group currently has two major wholly owned subsidiaries, Tianbao Construction Group and Tianbao Real Estate Group, whose business scope covers Construction Engineering, Planning and Design, Real Estate Development, Property Sales, Investment and Operation.

The Group mainly engaged in two business segments:

  • Real estate development business. Tianbao Real Estate Group mainly engaged in real estate development, property sales, investment and operation. It has been granted the National First-class Development Qualification. Tianbao Real Estate integrates the ideal of living into every work from residential development to urban operator and green technology research and development, and is committed to seek the best scheme of architecture and life, interpreting the cultural connotation of highly coordinated and unified human and environment, living and city.
  • Construction contracting business. Tianbao Construction Group provides construction contracting services mainly as a general contractor for building construction projects, infrastructure construction projects, as well as industrial and commercial construction projects. It currently has more than ten qualifications, which include Construction General Contracting Enterprise Special Grade Qualification, Class A Qualification for Architectural Engineering Design (Construction engineering, Civil air-defense engineering), Class I Special Contractor for Steel Structure Engineering, Class I Qualification for Professional Contracting of Ancient Architecture Engineering, Class I Qualification for Professional Contracting of Architectural Decoration Engineering, etc.

The map below shows the geographical coverage of Tianbao Group's real estate development and construction contracting business (Data as of December 31, 2022)