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Construction Contracting

The Group has been engaged in construction contracting business since 1998. As of December 31, 2019, the Group completed 972 construction projects, mostly as a general contractor, for building, infrastructure and industrial and commercial construction projects such as steel structure and preservation of antiquities and historical buildings. The main construction contraction business of the Group includes building construction, foundation works, curtain wall construction, building decoration and fireproofing projects. In addition to construction contracting as a general contractor, the Group also undertakes specialized construction projects directly subcontracted by other general contractors or project owners, such as renovation and decoration, steel structure construction and curtain wall construction projects. the Group also provides construction contracting services for municipal and public infrastructure projects including urban roads, bridges, facilities for water supply and treatment, urban pipelines, city squares and street lighting. The Group is also undertaking industrial and commercial construction contracting projects. These projects mainly include steel structure, landscaping for gardens, industrial construction and preservation of antiquities and historical buildings.

  • Building Construction
  • Infrastructure Construction
  • Industrial and Commercial Construction

Building Construction

Hebei Zhuozhou Chengyiyuan Residence

Hebei Comprehensive Outpatient Building of Zhuozhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hebei Zhuozhou Technician College

Hebei Zhangjiakou Qingshui Hepan

Infrastructure Construction

Hebei Zhuozhou Yongji Park

Hebei Zhangjiakou Yuzhou Museum

Industrial and Commercial Construction

Tianjin Renovation of Yujiapu Railway Station

Hebei Zhangbei Lansheng Tower

Hebei Simian Paifang

Hebei Zhangbei Nanshan Temple

Hebei Zhangbei Composite Light Plant

Zhuozhou Composit Light Plant

Repair of Chongqing Guanyue Temple